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Private Label



We produce your mobile peripherals to match the unique needs of your company. 

Our Services 

Private Label

We offer a diverse range of products for customers to choose from. We can imprint the customer's logo on the products using various printing or laser engraving methods.


In accordance with the customer's ideas about the product, we provide design and sample production services for customer confirmation, thereby producing the desired products for the customer.


For mobile accessories, we collaborate closely with 200 suppliers. Based on customer requirements, we quickly identify reliable suppliers to produce specific products. We then ship the goods by sea or air to the customer's specified location or port.

Package Design

Our Taiwanese art team can design the external packaging according to the customer's requirements for the product packaging. With 20 years of experience, we can create packaging that best suits the brand style for our clients.

Quality Control 

Located in China, our quality inspection team has extensive experience. Unlike typical inspection companies, our inspection process emphasizes the functionality and quality of each individual component to ensure that our customers receive the best possible products.

Product Development 

We specialize in turning our clients' ideas into real products. When clients share their product concepts, our team discusses the look, materials, and features. Finally, we create a prototype and produce the product that our clients have in mind.

Shipping Globally 

In accordance with customer requirements, we can provide shipping services via sea freight, air freight, or express delivery. We can also closely coordinate with the customer's freight agent to ensure the products are delivered to the customer's warehouse in the fastest possible time.

Factory Auditing

For the products that customers want to produce, we can provide the most suitable factory for production. Before production, we will conduct an audit of the factory and provide the audit content to the customer for reference and confirmation.

Green & Safety Certificate

we aspire to contribute our efforts to the green environment of our planet. We prioritize product safety certifications and eco-friendly material endorsements, aiming to ensure that consumers can use our products safely while actively participating in environmental preservation.

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