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The common issues encountered with imported products from China


Having problem on price

In our business, we consistently seek the perfect harmony between price and quality. We are committed to ensuring that customers don't sacrifice quality by opting for lower prices. Our aim is to deliver products that not only meet budget expectations but also uphold high standards of quality, safeguarding our customers from compromising their expectations for a lower cost. This commitment defines our approach to building lasting, trustworthy partnerships.


Having problem on product quality.

In Trolax, we prioritize quality management between clients and factories. We enforce strict control processes, including on-site inspections and supplier assessments, ensuring products meet high standards and preventing issues. Our close collaboration involves providing guidance and training for adherence to quality standards. This meticulous approach embodies our commitment to delivering exceptional products and services.


Having problem on package. 

In today's retail landscape, product packaging design, quality, and innovative structures play a decisive role in sales. Effective packaging not only reflects the brand's product quality but also stimulates consumer purchasing desire. We not only provide high-quality packaging but also prioritize eco-friendly materials. From adhesives to printing inks, every detail is crucial to us. Sustainability is a key focus in our approach to ensure that, beyond visual appeal, our packaging aligns with environmental considerations.


Having problem on safety certificate

In the production of mobile accessories, safety certification is a crucial step. As products enter each country, they must comply with local safety certifications for import or sale. Trolax maintains close partnerships with various certification agencies, securing the best prices and delivering high-quality laboratory services for both safety and material certifications. Rest assured, our commitment to safety and quality ensures that our products meet and exceed the standards required for consumer trust and satisfaction.


Having problem on Shipping products

At Trolax, we cater to your shipping preferences. Whether you have a preferred freight forwarder or need assistance, we ensure delivery to your specified location or offer door-to-door services. With years of expertise, our goal is to provide cost-effective and efficient global shipping, ensuring customers receive their goods promptly and reliably. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we take pride in delivering flexible, tailored shipping solutions to meet your needs.


having problem on receiving unexpected products

Navigating through numerous suppliers on platforms like Alibaba and Made in China can be daunting. Amidst factories, traders, and even fraudulent entities, customers often face payment without receipt of goods or significant disparities in product quality. Trolax, a Taiwanese company with a branch in China, brings years of solid reputation to safeguard customer purchases effectively. Our commitment ensures clients no longer endure wasted time and money.

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